By day, I'm obsessed with marketing and the web. In my spare time, I take photos, consume lots of geeky pop culture, listen to indie music, and explore the world.

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All uncredited photos shared here are taken by me. The rest are photos I wish I had taken, all credited to the proper photographers.
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Posts tagged nightscape

Viper, Revisited by RZ68 on Flickr.

Star trails over pagodas in Bagan, Myanmar by Weerapong Chaipuck. Doesn’t even feel like our planet. I need to travel more!

Nightsurf by Iker Elorrieta

Man vs sky

(via marcelxo)

A neat mix of the human and cosmic makes this seem like a science fiction illustration of a hole in the universe (the silence will fall!) and not a real photo. From NASA.

Cool photo of the Celestial Equator


The Celestial Equator |

At the Celestial equator the stars are almost at the same distance from both celestial poles so they seem to travel in a straight line. The South Celestial pole is towards the top left of the photo. The North Celestial pole is below the horizon towards the bottom-right.

Photo cred: Luis Argerich


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